Street Pavement Improvement Project

The City has embarked on a City-Wide Pavement Management Program to improve the overall condition of the City’s streets. The second phase of this five-year effort will be completed this summer.

The goal of the Pavement Management Program is to maintain the city’s pavement in the best condition possible given the funding available. Each year, preventive maintenance treatments are performed on various City streets. These treatment projects are intended to extend the life of the pavement and avoid more costly repair or replacement of streets.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the Pavement Management Program please contact the City’s Engineering Department staff at 408.354.7635 or

Spring/Summer 2019 Street Pavement Improvement Project: Street Segments

Click here for the map that shows the street segments that are part of the Spring/Summer 2019 Street Pavement Improvement Project.

The Spring/Summer 2018 Street Pavement Improvement Project consists of various forms of pavement maintenance treatments on 18 different streets. The project includes grinding and sweeping existing pavement, dig-out repair, patching, crack sealing, cape sealing, micro-surfacing, leveling course, asphalt overlay, adjusting utility boxes, monuments and manholes, traffic control, and painting of pavement markings.

City-Wide Pavement Management Program

In January 2017 the City received the Pavement Management Budget Options Report which led to the adoption of a Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Pavement Management Program (PMP) and a five-year PMP financing plan to raise the overall condition of the City’s roadway pavement from “fair” to “good.”

The City uses StreetSaver®, a Pavement Management Software, to monitor pavement conditions, help prioritize streets requiring resurfacing, and estimate costs of treatments and rehabilitation. StreetSaver® uses Pavement Condition Index (PCI) to classify roads based on their condition. The PCI scale rate all streets from 0 to 100 (poor to excellent condition), depending on severity of pavement distress. Currently the City of Monte Sereno’s PCI average is 63, which is considered fair. PCI values are one of the many factors used by StreetSaver® to help identify the appropriate resurfacing treatment for a given road.

Detailed Schedule

This year’s PMP is currently out to bid, a detailed scheduled will be posted here when a contract is awarded. Work is tentatively scheduled for late spring/early summer 2019.

Spring/Summer 2019 Street Pavement Improvement Project

The City Council approved $500,000 in this fiscal year’s budget to construct a similar project to the Blanchard Drive improvements. Staff has selected three street segments for this project, Palos Verdes Drive, Equestrian Way, and Via Vaquero.

A community meeting was held on January 29, 2019 where staff presented a conceptual plan of the project.  A contract for project design services is tentatively scheduled to be awarded at the March 19th City Council meeting. Another community meeting will be held prior to design finalization.

The project will likely be advertised for bidding in early summer of 2019.

Past Projects 

Click here for the map that shows the street segments that were part of the Spring/Summer 2018 Street Pavement Improvement Project.

The 2018 Blanchard Drive Pilot Improvement Project consisted of the installation of frontage improvements and the resurfacing of the street along its entire length. The inclusion of the frontage improvements will greatly sustain the life of the roadway surface improvements.